Boise, ID 83704



About the Owners:

208Outdoors is owned and operated by Ryan Hicks, Jeremy Howard, and Todd Dole who established their outdoor hobbies into a business in 2018. All three men are Idaho natives born and raised who have always enjoyed the captivating outdoor activities that the wilderness has to offer. Whether it is fishing, hunting, camping, or exploring, this trio will never miss an opportunity to be out enjoying the life they have come to know and love. Each of these men genuinely values family and the customs taught to them by the hunting and fishing trips they took as children with their parents and grandparents. These trips have shaped these men into who they are today with all the love and respect they have for the outdoors. These values, morals, and traditions will continue with their children and grandchildren.

These hard-working family men have turned their passion from simply enjoying what Idaho has to offer into helping others enjoy the same activities at an affordable price with exceptional expertise from a lifetime of leaning in all outdoor activities.

Mission Statement:

To provide quality outdoor gear and apparel that inspires adventure and represents the state of Idaho far beyond its own borders.

Our Vision:

We are currently an e-commerce only company looking to expand our online presence. Over the next few years, we are planning to open a retail location in Boise, Idaho. Your continued support by visiting us at various local markets and ordering directly through the website will allow us to grow our presence and our inventory.  We are improving our 208 OUTDOORS apparel line and always looking to expand on our current selection. The collection is inspired by Idaho outdoor activities but relatable to all that enjoy nature, wildlife, and the outdoors. Wait until you see our camo!