Black & White Custom Duck Call


Hand Turned Acrylic Custom Duck Call with the option to watch your duck call being “Turned” or made live on Facebook or Twitch. These Custom Duck Calls are made specifically for you! Up your Water Fowl

Each Acrylic Barrel Blank is different so no two calls will be exactly the same.

Have your Call Turned for over LIVE feed for $30 more!!!

You choose:

1. Live Turning

2. Insert Type

3. Insert Color

4. Band Color 

5. Shape 

6. Extras

Please Allow 4-6 weeks for Production and Shipping


The call will be made in a 1D shape to highlight the photo.

1. Choose insert type

2. Choos insert color

3. Choose band color

FOR $30 more you can have your call made on Eric’s live feed on Facebook

Please allow 4-6 weeks for production and shipping


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